• Check Operation of Lighting System/Circuit.
  • Make Visual inspection of small power socket outlets, checking for Signs of damage or discoloration due to overheating or arcing.
  • Check Operation of Circuit breakers
  • Check for any leaks in the system
  • Check all system valves to ensure that they function satisfactorily
  • Inspect water heaters for signs of any leakage
  • Check the temperature control of all the heaters
  • Check the operation of domestic water pump

Attesting to our superior service standards is our growing portfolio of prestigious clients, most notably Al Mouj Muscat, the first and most successful Integrated Tourism Complex in the Sultanate of Oman. We undertake yearly maintenance contracts for villas and apartments in Al Mouj, among an array of other reputable properties across Muscat and beyond. Our capabilities span the full spectrum of Facilities Management deliverables, including electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC services.

  • Search-Ability
  • Mobile Capability
  • Quality Information
  • Interaction
  • Aesthetic Quality
  • Functionality

The company redefining the trust in the the real estate Oman market. All we do is offer One Stop, All Solution - real estate services. We focus on our values and professional process management. We serve our clients with transparency, knowledge empowers you and the quality of work delivered.

  • Understanding Of The Restaurant Business
  • Great Food
  • Location
  • Smart Menu Planning
  • Guest Experience
  • Owner’s Involvement
  • Marketing

The company is also a franchisee of the ‘On the Wood’ restaurant in Oman and Ajman. Our F&B Division handles the operations of the restaurant which is quite famous amongst patrons for its delicious Lebanese, Arabic, and Mediterranean cuisine. Currently, the company owns 3 outlets and future expansion plans will involve doubling the number to 6 in 2019.